The biggest SAMO burn just happened!

Hey everyone. We are happy to inform you that the Final Burn Event is well underway! That means that 1.5 billion tokens from the burn wallet have just been burned, making this the biggest SAMO burn ever and twice as large as the previous record! Read on for more details.

You can check the proof and specifics regarding the burn directly on Solana Explorer by following this link.

proof of the burn

Before the event started, 54% of the initial SAMO supply was held in the burn wallet. With 1.5 billion already gone, the rest will also be burned periodically so there will be something to look forward to every month.

As promised, the remaining burn funds have been locked for the next 12 months. 500 million tokens will be released on the 1st day of every upcoming month. Those tokens will then be burned at a random day the very same month until the burn wallet is depleted. That leaves 60 million tokens unaccounted for. Those tokens will remain unlocked and reserved for special burn occasions we have in store, so look forward to some random unannounced burn celebrations too!

You can check the status and details of the locked funds in real-time by following this link:
and entering the contract seed: 2978845003615468933133905163421954996430831741394462712876293467

vesting unlock schedule

We are proud to have such a supportive community and we are looking forward to celebrating the exciting milestones ahead together with our community. We hope you will be joining us on this adventure as we burn more tokens over the following months.
We wish you all an excellent Solana Summer and a fantastic rest of the year.




Samoyedcoin ($SAMO) is Solana’s cutest ambassador. It’s community-owned and fun!

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Samoyedcoin ($SAMO) is Solana’s cutest ambassador. It’s community-owned and fun!

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