Raydium Fusion Pool available!

This story was originally posted July 8th, 2021

2 min readNov 21, 2021

Hi everyone. We are very excited to present our latest partnership with Raydium.io that has been in the works for quite some time. Raydium launched a new SAMO/RAY liquidity pool, and on top of that, a corresponding Fusion Pool! You can now stake the cutest LP tokens on Solana and harvest additional benefits.

Raydium is the most prolific AMM on the Solana Network, and it’s a great honour to have been chosen as one of the few projects featured on their platform. Getting recognition for all the efforts of rising above a memecoin is vital, and we are ready to conquer new heights and continue to grow.

The pairing of choice for the liquidity pool is SAMO/RAY. We felt that a RAY pairing would be way more beneficial to our holders compared to USDC. With the market as volatile as it has been during the recent weeks, and possibly in the days to come, such a pairing is less susceptible to impermanent loss as both tokens follow the market movement together. The safer and more lucrative option is always a priority for our holders.

Our tokenomics fit right in with the Fusion Pool rewards. We defined 5.6% of the SAMO supply to be gradually released, and those are the tokens being used for rewards emission in the Fusion pool. The emission of these rewards will last at least 1 year.

So, how does it all work?

To use the Fusion Pool, you will first need to provide liquidity in the new SAMO/RAY pool. By doing so, the received LP tokens present your share in the pool and earn rewards from the collected swap fees.

You can then head on to the Fusion Pool list and stake those LP tokens in the SAMO/RAY pool.

By staking LPs, you are rewarded with additional SAMO tokens depending on the amount of LPs you stake. It’s important to know there is no minimum allocation to the pool, and you can deposit and withdraw at any time.

We are proud to work with Raydium and bring you additional ways to put your SAMO tokens to work within the Solana ecosystem. We are glad to have been recognized as a serious project by such a strong partner, proving that SAMO has come a long way from its memecoin beginning.

We are also grateful for such a supportive community, and we hope you will both have fun and success with the Fusion Pool and enjoy using it.




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