2Q2022 Recap & What’s Ahead: SAMO Is Coming

9 min readJul 14, 2022

Now that 2Q2022 is over and we’re in the second half of the year, it’s time to reflect on what we achieved and what’s ahead. As a team, we believe that all paths to success include reflection. That is, meditating on what we’ve achieved, what went wrong, how we can improve, and where to focus our efforts. Needless to say, we closed out 2Q2022 feeling accomplished and confident in where we stand in fulfilling our vision, mission, and strategy. However, this time of reflection also made us realize what changes need to be made in 3Q2022 such that the team and community can become even more impactful.

Not only is it essential that we consider what went well, not so well, and where to focus in the quarters ahead, but we also share our reflections and plans with the broader community. As we see it, the more transparent and straightforward we can be, the better off we all are as a community. We want the community to know that despite less-than-ideal market conditions, Samoyedcoin is still kicking, and there remain many opportunities for community members to get involved.

This post highlights what we accomplished in 2Q2022 and our plans for 3Q2022. After you are done reading, we expect you to walk away feeling as though Samoyedcoin is stronger than ever before and the community is ready for whatever lies around the bend.

Just around the Crypto bend

SAMO Partnerships

Samoyedcoin has always believed that a rising tide lifts all ships. That said, it is of the utmost importance that we do our part in supporting the Solana ecosystem in any way possible. As we see it, we win by Solana winning. Accordingly, we spent plenty of time last quarter identifying opportunities to work with other projects and teams in the Solana ecosystem — be it attending Solana Hacker House events, helping launch products, integrating into existing platforms, and participating in co-branded marketing. Here are a few of the partnership developments from last quarter:

  • Sponsored the Solana Hacker House in Miami with our own Samoyedcoin booth where we successfully onboarded more than +200 people to Phantom & Solflare by giving away free SAMO.
The SAMO booth at the Solana Miami Hacker House
  • Attended Consensus 2022 and partnered w/ Phantom to launch an ad campaign across Austin TX, and at the Austin Airport.
Samoyedcoin Consensus 2022 Ads
  • Attended NFT NYC and rented billboard space in Time Square.
  • Teamed up with Cropper Finance for Heaven Land IDO whitelist giveaway.
  • Teamed up with Tealerlab CBD for a Samoyedcoin Branded CBD Giveaway on 4/20.
  • Collaborated with Nyan Heroes to auction off a rare 1/1 SAMO NFT (sold for 34 SOL); proceeds were donated to Best Friends Animal Society, an animal welfare organization working to end the killing of dogs & cats in America’s shelters.
  • Samoyedcoin was featured as an honorary NFT in the MtnPay NFT Collection.
  • Included in Tiny Colony’s Web 3 Easter Egg Hunt alongside 13 other Solana-based project.

Project Developments

The bears might have been in control of the market last quarter, but that has not and will not disrupt the building! Instead, we’ve taken advantage of less-than-ideal market conditions and the quiet times to revisit our vision, mission, and strategy to hone in on critical initiatives that will help bring SAMO to the masses and secure SAMO as the defacto dog money of Web3. Here are the most notable project developments of the past several months:

SamoDAO Intro


Since launching on January 31, 2022, SAMO NFTs have remained front and center for the Samoyedcoin team and community. Being one of the most notable mints of 1Q2022, we spent 2Q2022 identifying opportunities to add more value and utility to the SAMO NFT collection without also violating securities laws that could jeopardize the NFT collection and SAMO. This required us to ultimately make tough decisions and bring more to the table, thanks to the ingenuity of a few of the ecosystem’s greatest minds. Here’s what we achieved on the SAMO NFT front:

  • SAMO NFTs were added to SolanaFloor, allowing marketing participants to track the collection’s floor price, trading volume, number of holders, number of NFTs listed, and more.
  • SAMO NFTs were added to FRAKT, which allows users to stake, buy, swap, sell, or lend out their NFT.
  • SAMO NFTs were added to NFTInspect.xyz.
  • SAMO NFTs were added to Sharky.Fi’s NFT borrow & lending platform.
  • SAMO NFTs were added to Hello Moon, allowing market participants to track the floor price and activity of social media influencers.
SAMO NFTs Added to Frakt

Podcast & Media Appearances

To further inform and educate the broader public, we hosted a number of Alpha Dog podcasts where we brought on some of the biggest projects on the Solana ecosystem to tell us what they’re up to and all about. On top of that, the robustness of the Samoyedcoin community attracted several news publications that wrote about Samoyedcoin in one capacity or another.

Community Developments

It is no surprise that interest in crypto has dwindled amid rough market conditions. However, last quarter, we decided to introduce several community-building initiatives to bring us all closer and make the best out of the tough times. Furthermore, we decided to focus inward and do what we do best: identify opportunities to enable and empower Samo Famo community members.

  • Launched weekly Game Night for Samo Famo gamers to compete against one another while getting to know each other simultaneously.
  • Relaunched the SAMO Weekly Meme Contest, where participants compete to earn some SAMO by producing the best meme that follows the week’s theme.
  • Relaunched Crypto Tekkers, a community-led interactive info session where community members walk through the charts and give their takes on where the market could be headed.

Milestones & Statistics

Bar none, it has been a challenge past few quarters for the broader cryptoasset industry. However, as a team and community, we’ve been able to preserve through the headwinds and hit many notable milestones that we should all be proud of, including the following:

  • Surpassed 40,000 SOL staked on Samoyedcoin validator.
  • Samoyedcoin officially turned 1 year old in late April 2022.
  • Rank #1 SAMO NFT sold for a record 465 SOL.
  • After climbing as high as 1,350 at the start of the quarter, the number of SAMO NFTs listed fell to 920, while the number of owners rose from 1,225 to 1,300 over the same period.
SAMO NFT Listings & Holders (Source: SolanaFloor)
  • The SAMO NFT floor rose from 1.8 SOL to 3 SOL before pushing to an all-time high of 4.80 SOL in mid-July.
SAMO NFT Floor Price (Source: SolanaFloor)
  • The number of SAMO holders surpassed 58,000 for the first time.
$SAMO vs. SAMO Holders

What’s Ahead

Now that we’ve taken the time to review what we achieved in 2Q2022, it’s time to shift focus to what’s ahead in 3Q2022 and how the Samoyedcoin team intends on fulfilling its vision, mission, & strategy. While we have several initiatives underway that we cannot, for better or worse, disclose just yet, there is a level of transparency that we can provide regarding our 3Q2022 roadmap. So let’s dig in!

SamoDAO Is Coming

  • After announcing the forthcoming launch of SamoDAO in early April, we spent a good chunk of time working with community members to build out and battle-test SamoDAO to ensure that when the launch comes, we’ll be off to the races. Our core focus for 3Q2022 is working intimately with community members to help get SamoDAO off the ground and become its own living, breathing entity.
  • What is SamoDAO, you ask? The first iteration of SamoDAO will be centered around educating & informing the broader market, rewarding community contributors for helping produce content, and identifying opportunities to collaborate with others in the Solana ecosystem. Said differently, the DAO will initially exist as a sub-community of Samoyedcoin for industry beginners, and veterans to learn about crypto projects & markets, exchange ideas & perspectives, participate in competitions, and earn rewards for producing content for internal and external consumption.

Marketing & Partnerships

  • In 3Q2022, we intend on further cementing SAMO as the hardest form of dog money by both raising awareness of the technological advantages of SAMO and exploring ways to use SAMO in your everyday life.
  • We are also laser-focused on enabling more ways to use SAMO as a means of payment AND identifying opportunities to more easily get SAMO in the hands of friends, family, and colleagues. This effort includes hosting fun, engaging, and insightful marketing campaigns that let the world know that SAMO is one-of-a-kind dog money.


  • While we’ve got plenty to keep us busy with SamoDAO, marketing, and partnerships, we have a number of other initiatives underway that we cannot disclose for a few reasons. But rest assure, if there is a cause/effort/initiative you were hopping we’d highlight, we can dang near guarantee you that we’re already on top of it! We’ve been in the game long enough to know what the community wants, needs, and expects out of Samoyedcoin. So hang tight, fam!
Big city, little SAMO

Keep An Eye Out!

As one can see, 2Q2022 was eventful for us in many regards. We were able to secure many different partnerships, produce more content, and break ground on a handful of initiatives. We also attracted new community members and hodlers in what has been a somewhat difficult time for the broader cryptoasset market. While we fully expect and are prepared for even more challenging market conditions in the forthcoming months, we remain concentrated on pushing through the difficult times and continuing to build, grow, and expand the Samoyedcoin brand. On top of that, we intend to further support and collaborate with those doing meaningful things within the Solana ecosystem. After all, the way SAMO wins is by Solana winning… So stay tuned, fam. The best is yet to come!

Dog Money Is Real.




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